Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

Do you ever wonder if it's going to be worth hiring a professional makeup artist instead of just doing your own makeup for your wedding? Sure. We all do.

There are a few reasons, however, why it's totally worth hiring a makeup artist. 

1. First and foremost, you deserve to be pampered on your wedding day. Let this time be your moment to sit back, close your eyes, and let someone else take care of this detail. In the midst of all the bustle and craziness of this important day, this your time to be still, focus inward, maybe go over your vows in your mind, and have a sip of water (with a straw mind you! Don't want to smudge those lips). 

2. Weddings are unique, because makeup needs to look amazing both in person, and in photographs. These two things are not always synonymous in the makeup world, but your makeup artist will know how to blend the two.

3. You need your makeup to last through all the ups and downs of this day. Tears, laughter, hugging, photos, dancing, eating, kissing -- you name it, and it will happen on this day. You makeup must be able to stand up to everything. A trained makeup artist knows special tips and tricks to ensure you have the most longevity possible in your makeup application.

4. Makeup looks are not universal. What may work for one person, may not work for you. A makeup artist knows how to work with your unique skin type, eye shape, and complexion to ensure that you look like the most radiant version of yourself on your special day. 

These are just a few of the reasons why it's definitely worth the effort of finding an amazing makeup artist for your wedding! 

Bridal Makeup -- The Ins and Outs of Getting it Right


For my first blog post I wanted to start off with a little list I've compiled regarding makeup for your wedding. This is such an important day, so you want to look flawless, both in person and in photos. You also want to get it right. Your wedding and the weeks leading up to your wedding are not times to experiment with new looks and/or skincare products. I feel like every bride wants to look like herself, but enhanced -- glowing and fresh-faced. So below are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your skin and your makeup application will go off without a hitch.

1. It's a great idea to get an exfoliating facial prior to your wedding. Just make sure it's about two weeks prior, and avoid anything too intense (chemical peel, for example). 

2. If you have time, and are prone to breakouts, consider consulting a dermatologist 3-4 months before your wedding to find the best regimen for your skin type. Often, just piling on 'acne' care products will only make the situation worse, because many of them overly dry the skin, leading the skin to flake and to think that it needs to produce even more oil to counteract the dryness.

3. Water is always good for the skin. Drink lots leading up to your wedding.

4. Get your eyebrows waxed and shaped 5-7 days before your wedding. Eyebrows frame the face, so a good eyebrow is everything, and this will eliminate any need for tweezing on your wedding day, which can sometimes lead to bumps.

5. If you find a pimple on your wedding day, avoid popping it! Popping a pimple yourself will just lead to bacteria build-up and will be more difficult to conceal than a pimple that's been left alone.

If you are considering doing your own makeup for your wedding, below are a few tips and tricks for the day:

1. Primer is your friend. You can prime your face, prime your lids and even prime your lips. Primer will greatly increase the longevity of your makeup throughout the day.

2. Choose a long-wearing lipstick and lip liner. Line and fill your lips with a neutral color. After applying lipstick, put one finger in your mouth, pucker, and pull your finger out. This will eliminate getting any lipstick on your teeth. Set your lipstick with a translucent primer, and then apply another very light layer over. This will help keep your lipstick on through kissing, drinking, and other wedding shenanigans.

3. Get your foundation shade matched at your local Sephora or MAC store. An ill-matched foundation shade or formulation that doesn't match your skin type will make it impossible to get a great application or flawless photos.

4. Waterproof everything around the eyes. There will most likely be tears.

5. Set your face with a translucent powder to increase the longevity of your makeup.

6. Consider the neckline of your shirt when applying your makeup. Or just wear a button up. If your dress necessitates putting it on prior to doing makeup, make sure you have a towel or something else to drape around your neck to avoid any fall out getting on your dress.

7. If in doubt, hire a professional. You won't regret the investment.

Hope that helps, brides! Above all else, believe in your own beauty and uniqueness and you will undoubtedly shine on your big day!