"Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak."

-- Rachel Zoe

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site! My name is Katie. I'm a Colorado native, and although I grew up immersed in the outdoor industry, fashion and style have always been a big part of my life and identity. As a little girl that meant hours spent in the dress-up box or in my mother's closet, concocting outrageous outfits. Later, it meant insisting on wearing my rock climbing shoes to school, just because they matched my leggings. And even later still, it meant attending fashion school. 

I studied Makeup and Esthetics at the Aveda Institute Denver. As a trained Esthetician I am knowledgable about skincare, skin types, and skin prep for the best possible makeup application. I can provide thorough advice and recommendations for skincare leading up to your wedding or event. Proper cleansing, exfoliation and maintenance can make all the difference. Through Aveda I also studied Makeup in depth, including the Face to Face program  Advanced Face to Face and Editorial Remix. These programs covered everything from the best makeup for different eye shapes to contouring, highlighting, lip techniques and which formulations are best for oily skin vs. dry skin. I also learned color theory and how it applies to makeup, skin, hair and eye color.
I also participated in multiple editorial photo shoots and runway shows, where I worked closely with renowned makeup artists and hair stylists. Through these I gained a strong knowledge base regarding makeup for photography, which is a crucial piece in bridal makeup.
In addition, I am a trained lash extension artist via Borboleta Beauty.

I use only the highest quality products, free from talc and parabens and can provide a 100% vegan makeup application upon request.

Let's get started today!

Katie Be.